Make double bookings a thing of the past; let members book pitches, courts, swimming lanes or even private sessions online!


Get useful insights on anything from team performance down to the individual athlete, to financial reports and human resources.


Say goodbye to the 5 apps you use just to get one single message out! With SLTK’s notice board, you can deliver your message to the entire club in one centralized place.


Stuck in traffic? Won’t make the session on time? Message the entire team via our chat on last minute changes!


Schedule training sessions or meetings. Let everyone involved notified when a change occurs.


Store and retrieve documents in an instant. Who need papers anymore?


Delegate and assign responsibilities. Decide who has access to what.


Add new athletes instantly with our secure and user friendly interface.

Not a club? SLTK got your back!

SLTK can be integrated to cater for any sport complex or facility. Our platform is flexible and allows you to pick and mix between features. Everything works perfectly together as SLTK evolves around your facility!

SLTK got the skills for:

Athletes Get to know when the next training session is, check out your performances, strive to beat yesterday’s you.

Coaches Monitor your athletes’ performances, input their stats and help them reach greater heights. Plan ahead and schedule training sessions and keep track of who is attending the sessions.

Clubs Get memberships paid online, schedule meetings in seconds, minimize tedious tasks and save time … its precious!

How SLTK helps…

Facilities The enterprise software that you always wanted, made affordable and dedicated to your needs. Game, Set, Reps!

How SLTK helps…